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Travel Day Dreaming And The Places You Should Make #FutureGoals

Travelling is something I myself and I am sure all of you reading love to do. It could be the thing that you go to work for, knowing that every minute spent in a job you don’t love is earning you money to help pay for the next adventure or maybe you just love that tingling sensation you feel when you are somewhere new and exciting. Whatever the motivation is to travel, it is always good to feel inspired with new places to visit.

For some, you may already have an extensive bucket list of destinations you want to see during your lifetime, but there is no harm in reading up on other places and adding a few more onto it.  So here are some of the top travel countries that you should definitely make a future goal to travel to in the future.




I am sure you all know by now that Japan is my dream holiday destination and I am lucky enough to be going there this year. It is honestly amazing. The traditional culture, the Otaku culture, the food, the temples,  the shrines, the weather, Mt Fuji, …the cherry blossom! Japan is simply just a dream. I will be writing more blog posts specially focused on Japan very soon.



China is one of those countries that traditionally speaking, you may not think would be a place for a holiday. But in actual fact, it is possibly the culture, the food, and the landscape and history that would make this place be added to your bucket lists. One of the great wonders of the Earth happens to be the Great Wall Of China, and so you may want to visit purely for that reason. This is the main reason why I would love to go to China, and simply because Mulan is one of my favourite Disney Films.



Heading to Europe and I think there is one country that does stand out that should be visited and that is Spain. Not only does it have the beautiful cities of Barcelona and Madrid, but it also has things beautiful coastal towns and places to go. Spanish is one of the most popular languages to speak, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this country is on your list of places to see. It is a very popular travel destination for people who live in Europe, but for others who live further afield, it is definitely one to add to the list as the culture and the food are worth sampling for sure. 



Very different from Spain, but Scotland is too on my bucket list.  Scotland is by far a part of the UK that doesn’t get as much press, but it certainly should be a place to visit. You can look online on websites before you visit Scotland just to see what beauty there is in the country. Rugged landscapes, beautiful scenery, fabulous cities such as Edinburgh, there really is a lot to offer people who want to experience something a little different. Being a little North, the weather may not always be as good, but that is just part of the charm of Scotland, and definitely should be a place to add to the list.



If you want a location with a difference then look no further than Iceland. Yes it is likely to be a vacation that may require your thermals at some points of the year, but it could certainly be a place to offer some amazing memories. Rejovich is one of the main cities there, full of bustling bars and restaurants. But you also get to experience the famous Blue lagoon where you can sample stunning views while enjoying a relaxing spa. At night, you may also get to have a glimpse of the famous northern Lights. Iceland is the perfect destination if you want to go on a ‘bae-cation’



Another country that perhaps doesn’t get as much press as others more local such as the USA is Canada. But this country, while it is vast, also has some amazing places for you to visits. The main cities tends to be Vancouver or Toronto, and mostly known for lakeside retreats and ruggest forest landscapes, there really is a lot to offer. Aside from the modern metropolis of the towns, you also have fabulous ski resorts and epic mountains, so it could be a holiday to suit all types.



I have recently came back from Paris and I had the best time. From looking at the Parisian buildings to eating rich buttery croissants, Paris is truly one beautiful city. The Eiffel tower at night will take your breath away. No matter the season you chose to visit, you will have the most splendid time in Paris. I nearly forgot to mention, Disneyland Paris is a MUST.


New Zealand

Finally, New Zealand is a great place for you to go to, especially if you happen to be a fan of the Lord Of The Rings films. This country happens to be where some of the parts of the films were filmed, and in many cases, you can still see some of those sets like Hobbiton. Of course, if you aren’t a fan there is still some incredible aspects of New Zealand, the two island are both worth exploring, and often doing it by cruise can help you get the most out of it.


Let’s hope this has given you some inspiration for more destinations to visit.

Thanks for reading,

Sharnah xx


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