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🎵 Mist at Rock City🎵


So me and my boyfriend went to see artist Mist at Rock City on 9th March. Despite the fact that we had to queue in the rain and cold for literally an HOUR, it was a good night. It seemed like a lot of us had the idea of going later to avoiding queuing but that didn’t work. So I did miss all of the support acts unfortunately which were K2 + Tana, D Knowledge and JayKae.

“Mist from the ends is the kids role model” lyrics from his latest song Game Changer, seem to be very true as there were a lot of young teenagers in the crowd pushing around and screaming, kind of reminded me of myself when I were 14 and used to go to gigs jumping around in moshpits. I now realise how annoying I must have been. His music being liked by people of all ages is good however, do not get me wrong.

Mist sang his older well known tunes such as Karla’s Back, Ain’t The Same and Madness which the crowd knew every word to. He also sang a lot of his songs from his new album Diamond In The Dirt, my favourites being; On it, Order It In and Fountain. He performed with determination, energy and excitement and I could not fault his performance. I am glad he performed my favourite songs of his.

Each artists performs in their own unique way, it was obvious that Mist wanted us to be massively hooked on the song “Moshpit” as I lost count of how many times the chorus was performed. This was extremely fun (and scary) as the crowd created massive mosh pits, despite being elbowed in the back, they are always fun to be a part of. Mist had videographers recording the moshpits for the music video of this song  as he announced it was going to be his next single. Me and Reece(my boyfriend) might be in the video somewhere haha!

The best kinds of gigs are the ones where there is a surprise guest, am I right? Grime artist MoStack came out halfway through and performed Fisherman with Mist which was a very nice surprise as I love that song and J Hus. He stayed on stage with Mist for a while and you could tell he was very happy to be here and the crowd was also very excited that he was here. Brummy boy JayKae also came out again and performed a few songs such as Moscow, Toothache and Pull Up. First time seeing JayKae perform and if I can take away one thing from this experience it is that he can DEFINITELY get the crowd active!!  Seeing as a lot us missed him earlier on in the night, we were all very happy about this.

Mist is known for his honesty and pain-ridden bars such as “Pain in my chest still hurts that my mum can’t see my success” and “Release pain on the track but I still got pain, yeah, within” I could go mention so many more powerful emotive lyrics. Hearing such lyrics and bars live in a positive environment was almost like a juxtaposition.  I know that hearing lyrics that you can relate to live is an amazing feeling that many people would have been able to feel during Mist’s performance and I think it is great that people can express themselves in this way.

Despite the early 10pm curfew at Rock City, Mist performed an amazing, entertaining, exciting show that was great to be apart of. The only things letting it down was things out of Mist’s control like Rock City that I won’t go in to. I’d love to see him again and I recommended you all listen his album Diamond In The Dirt.

Thanks for reading xx

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