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🍂J HUS at Rock City Review🍂


On the 14th November,  I went to Rock City in Nottingham to watch Uk Grime artist J Hus perform as part of his Common Sense Tour. I saw J Hus perform last year at a much smaller venue so seeing him at Rock City was a very different experience. Over the last year, he has blown up massively, mostly down to his album “Common Sense” which is honestly, very very very good. This is a short (ish) review of my experience of the gig, hope you enjoy!

BeFunky Collage

DC, NSG and Young T and Busgy


There is nothing worse than queuing up outside a gig in the cold to then have to bare through shit support acts… thank god this did not happen. J Hus had three support acts and I had only heard of one which was Young T and Bugsey. The others were NSG and DC. DC is the first to come on and perform. Now I am not going to lie I do not know much about this guy but I do know that he was definitely entertaining. You know when you don’t know any of the artist’s songs but you’re still having a good time? It wasn’t just me either, the crowd loved him. For one of the songs, I think he mentioned it was his latest, he got us involved and got us to sing the chorus. NGS came on second, and I honestly do not know what to say about these guys, if you were there you will know what I mean. They had so much energy and this gave the crowd so much energy! Too much energy as I ended up falling over it was that crazy! and yet again I did not know any songs but still had a good time. Young T and Bugsey came on eventually which everyone was very excited for. They sang a few songs of course including ‘4×4’ and ‘Gangland’. It is always nice to see the Nottingham rap duo perform at Rock City.





J Hus finally came on and started with his album opener “Common Sense”. The crowd for some reason calmed down, I think most of them were in shock as there were hundreds of phones in the air taking pictures and recording J Hus(including me).  But the crowd soon got rowdier as he sang some of his faster songs such as “Clartin”.  I cannot remember the order of the songs he performed but he did perform so many which was great. Including the very first J Hus song I heard “Lean and Bop” which is so fun hearing live and this is where J Hus brings out his dance moves. He performed the majority of the songs from his Common Sense album including songs, not from the album such as “Dem Boy Paigen” and “Want From Me”. I couldn’t fault his vocals or his energy he brought to the stage. He did not rap, he performed, interacting and talking to us also. I am so glad I got to see J Hus perform again because his album Common Sense is one of my favorite albums of the year and definitely needs more recognition. J Hus was even better than when I saw him last year in front of a smaller crowd, it is obvious he enjoys himself whilst he is on stage which makes the experience of watching him evern more enjoyable.

Overall, J Hus’s perfomances was amazing and I couldn’t fault it. The only thing that let this gig down was the crowd. I have seen so many people at Rock City from pop to rap to rock to pop punk. The crowd at J Hus was honestly so horrible, there was so much unnecessary pushing even to the point where I fell over on my hands and knees on the floor. I am not sure if it is because I am older now and get irritated by younger people (because there was a lot of 14-year-olds there) or if the crowd was just full of idiots. Overall, I should not let this ruin my experience so I am not, I would definitely see all of these artists again!!!!

Hustla Babyyy

Thanks for reading!! xx


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