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🍂My Views on Black History Month🍂

What is Black History Month and is it still needed?

Black History Month has been happening for many years and it is a dedicated time which focuses on the people and events associated to Black History.  Whilst some people think Black History Month is no longer needed, I completely disagree. Black History has been and still is ignored. It is important to never forget what black people have gone through and what they have achieved. Most of you reading this would have learned about black famous figures such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parcs who are only a few of millions of Blacks who have suffered racism and discrimination and only a few million black people that have achieved great things. Black History Month is to celebrate the bravery and achievements of these figures and so many more underrepresented black figures and to think about how they changed society. But, it is also to reminds us that racism and discrimination still happen in our societies.



What inspired me to write this blog post was when I went onto Google to see they were celebrating the 272nd birthday of Olaudah Equiano (1746-1797), the African writer whose memoir gave the world one of its first accounts of the slave trade from a victim’s perspective. He eventually turned into a rich man and his work that revealed the horrors of the slave trade is still read to this day. I am pretty guilty of not knowing a lot about black history so I decided to change that.

In a book I have got called Bad Girls Throughout History By Ann Shen, there are quite a few black females in this book that caught my attention. Activist Sojourner Truth was born into a family of slaves, she escaped and became the first African American woman to win a case against a white man when she sued her master for selling her 5-year-old son.  She spoke about the eqaulityof women and the abolotion of salvery. Thousands of people went to her funeral.

Harriet Tubman became disabled and suffered from seizures when one of her masters threw an iron weight at her head, she managed to escape slavery in 1849 and helped over 70 other slaves escape. That is amazing! It is incredible to read about what slaves managed living such a horrible life. Slavery is something we should all never forget! We should never forget how black people were treated.I am not just going to talk about slavery but also what happened after slavery.

Madam C.J Walker(1867-1919) became the first female self-made millionaire hard work and determination selling hair products. I highly recommend buying and reading this book as it is full of amazing women of all races.



Black British

I think black history month gets more and more forgotten about as the years go by, it is not advertised as much as it should be in England anyway. Black History Month is not just about thinking about the past, it is about the present and the future. It is so important to not only celebrate figures who have been massively oppressed but to celebrate those who are Olympians, Singers, Poets, Inventors, etc etc. UK Grime Artist Stormzy is someone who should be celebrated, he has done a lot for the representation of black grime artists and he has achieved many things which are much harder for a black grime man to do than a white pop singer. We should celebrate Lewis Hamilton and his success,  how he has just won his fourth Formula 1 World Championship. We should celebrate Black British Olympians such as Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis. We should celebrate our black friends and family who have to still fight racism and discrimination every day. We would celebrate Black Britishness.

I hope you enjoyed this short blog post, I want to start writing about more political topics.



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