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🌸Nottingham Carnival and Leeds Carnival🌸

I went to Nottingham and Leeds Carnival and I am going to tell you what it was like! It’s going to be short and sweet with a few pictures!


🌸Nottingham Carnival-Sunday 19th August🌸

Nottingham Carnival was my first ever Carnival, believe it or not, I know it’s a disgrace, especially because my grandparents are from Dominica which makes me part Dominican.  I didn’t just go to Nottingham Carnival I performed there as part of a dance group. I have done plenty of dance shows before ranging from shows in youth centres to shows in art theatres. I have also competed in a dance competition. But performing at Carnival was nothing like that! I was part of a street parade and that was amazing. There was floats, flags, music and lots of people. It was really fun and I loved seeing my family there. At Nottingham Carnival we also performed on stage, we had been practicing this routine for months so it was nice to finally get to perform it. I didn’t get to spend much time at the carnival itself, but I managed to look around the stalls and get some food afterwards. I am from Nottingham so I saw a lot of familiar faces which were nice but also a bit nerve-wrecking.


🌸Leeds Carnival-Monday 29th August🌸

I am glad my first time going to Leeds was for Carnival.  It was also the 50th year of the Carnival in Leeds which was amazing to be a part of. This Carnival was different to Nottingham Carnival, the street parade was a lot longer and a lot more fun and interactive. Seeing little children wave frantically at you because you are part of this parade is so cute. There was a lot more people getting involved and a lot more people wanting to take photographs of you. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to perform on stage but the day was still fun despite waiting around a lot. The festival was a lot bigger but I didn’t get the chance to look around.  However, I could see there were rides and lots of food stalls.


🌸Costume 🌸

The costume I wore had all been handmade and was SO pretty as you can see from the pictures. The costume was very heavy and has left bruises on my shoulders but Carnival was defiantly worth it and it’s not something a hot bath can’t fix! The most annoying thing about the costume was having to take it on and off to go to the toilet ha! At both of the carnival’s, there was so many different styles of costumes and so much effort had been put into every single one, everyone wore their costumes with pride.



Overall, Nottingham and Leeds Carnival was amazing and I am definitely going to be going from now on. Caribbean Carnivals bring everyone together from different cultures to celebrate and appreciate Caribbean culture and it was lovely to be a part of! It was great to see people of all ages from young to old being part of carnival whether that was watching the parades or being a part of them.


The routine we learnt was dancehall/bashment, click the link below to watch my groups Nottingham Carnival Performance.




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