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🌸What my first year at uni taught me🌸

So I finished my first year of uni a few months ago but I got found out that I passed a few weeks ago! Some people would say that I have not had the “proper uni experience” because I stayed in my home town and lived at home. But I disagree, I have loved uni and it has taught me a lot. Because I have stayed at home, this is going to be a lot different to what you think, it isn’t going to include things like “taught me how to live by myself” etc etc. These are the 5 main things that my first year of university has taught me, hope you enjoy!

Friendships-  People say you are only friends with people at school/college because you see them 5 days a week and when you leave you will realise. This is true to an extent, the last few years I have lost contact with people because I realised that we are different to each other, they do not understand me or that we have nothing in common. There are so many different people at uni and I have made friends with people I have things in common with and who are like me. A massive part of growing up is losing friends and making new ones. University has taught me not to be friends with people who are not ‘good friends’ because you will always find new and better ones!

Anxiety– Uni helped improve my anxiety in a lot of different ways. I had to be more independent which forced me to do things which were out of my comfort zone. Eventually I didn’t have a problem with doing things which I thought were terrifying at first such as; making new friends, having to sit on my own and eat, walking into lectures late and having everyone look at you, doing work in the library on my own etc etc.  I realised that a lot of people do not care about these things and I also realised that I lot of people do, and that’s okay.  Even though I still do rely on my friends a lot, I can do things on my own without feeling so anxious, Obviously going to a new place and figuring out what is what is scary for most people, so if you’re reading this and starting uni this year, things are scary but you get used to it!

Learning a Language-  I massively enjoyed learning French at school and because I want to be multilingual I thought “hey why not have French lessons at uni!!” Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but it was so stressful!! I learned French along side my Degree and had to pay for it. I pretty much had to practice French most days, and as a first year student you don’t want to have to study everyday, do you?? nope, but I had to to be able to pass French. Which I did end up doing and my  French has improved so much and I cannot believe the amount I have learned. But uni has taught me not to learn a language as well as doing a degree because it is too much. I definitely want to pick up learning French again at some point in my life and I will still practice my French when I have the spare time.

Stress- I have always stressed too much, everyone who knows me will say “Sharnah you stress too much” but I can’t help it. However, this year I have learned not to doubt myself and stress about my grades because I always do better than I had thought. Which is very lucky and will probably not always be the case but it was for my first year.  Throughout the year I had to keep telling myself “it’s only first year, I only need to pass” because I kept putting so much pressure on myself to do well when I needed to enjoy myself more! However, the next 2 years will probably be very stressful but I have just got to keep a positive attitude.

Media and Communications- When I started Uni I had no idea what I wanted to do career wise and this stressed me out a lot. My course was called Media(with pathways) and for your last 2 years, you could decide if you wanted to specialise in a ‘pathway’. By the end of the year, I had more of an idea about the area of Media I would like to get into and this made me chose the ‘Media and Communications’ pathway. I have taken a massive interest in Digital and Social Media Marketing, however, this might change! But I know I have made the right descision.

Thanks for reading xx



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