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🌸Stormzy at Rock City🌸


Seeing Stormzy perform at Rock City

On April 29th I went to Rock City in Nottingham to watch Uk Grime artist Stormzy perform as part of his Gang Signs and Prayers Tour. Arriving at the venue early, I managed to get to the front for one of the best gigs that I have ever been to.

He had two support acts, the first being UK grime artist A2. Although I did not know his songs myself he definitely had my full attention as he performed very well, keeping the crowd entertained. The second support act wasDJ Rachael Anson and DJ Jukess.They played an upbeat set which the crowd loved as we knew the songs she played. They gave the crowd so much energy and made sure the crowd had fun and were ready for Stormzy. I have been to countless gigs and have had to stand through rubbish support acts who did not interact with the crowd, Stormzy definitely made the right choice picking these artists to support him on his UK tour.   

Stormzy started off with his album opener “First Things First” which immediately got the crowd excited including me. He performed the majority of the songs from his newly released album Gang Signs and Prayers including my personal favourites “Cold” and “Velvet”. He also performed “Know Me From” twice, the second time being when the crowd shouted him back on stage for an encore.  He brought out Young T and Bugsey as special guests and they performed their song “Gangland”. The crowd loved this surprise as they cheered and sang the whole way through.  Stormzy was easily able to get the crowd hyped by performing his upbeat singles “Shut up” and “Big For Your Boots”, as well as getting the crowd to sing along to his slower songs “Blinded By Your Grace”, “100 Bags” and more.  He was able to make the crowd feel massively involved, by getting us to sing Ed Sheeran’s parts when he covered “Shape Of You”.  

Having been to many gigs at Rock City, I was pleasantly surprised by how many songs Stormzy performed as I am used to artists performing a lot less when I go and see them. He managed to give 110% effort in his performance and after the gig, I immediately felt happy with the amazing performance I had just witnessed. Stormzy being the first Grime artist I have seen perform, he has definitely set high expectations.

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