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🌸Hard Working Hands🌸

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I took these images as part of my A2 Photography Coursework. My theme was called “Humans” and these images where part of a sub-theme called “Close Ups“. I took this image using a Canon Camera 700d and I edited these images using Photoshop.  It is my Nannah’s 70th birthday today so I have decided to upload these images of her hands.

Old age is something which gets frowned upon a lot in society and you never see the beauty of aging. These close up images show that I have concentrated intensely on the harsh details of my Nannah’s hands which I have emphasized by turning these images into Black and White and editing them on Photoshop. I specifically used the Burn and Dodge Tool to create shadows and highlights. I concentrated on the detail on her hands to show how old they look. The wrinkles and creases in my Nannah’s hands tell the story so far of the life which she has been living for 70 years, it shows that her hands are definitely hard working. My Nannah has worked hard all her life and I want my images to show this. An aged body could easily be described as an neglected subject matter and when it is noticed it isn’t for its beauty. That’s why in the second picture I have put glitter all over her hands as a statement to show the beauty of old age and the beauty of my Nannah inside and out. I have gone against society’s exceptions on the views of old age and shown that someone can be old and still be beautiful.

My nannah has always been a massive influence in my life and a massive part of it. I do love her with all my heart, she is truly a ray of sunshine. The kindest woman anyone would ever meet.




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