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🌸Detail Of A Mans Face🌸

This typology was inspired by a Photographer called  Grace Adams.  I took these images as part of my A2 Photography Coursework. My theme was called “Humans” and these images where part of a sub-theme called “Close Ups“. I took this image using a Canon Camera 700d and I edited these images using Photoshop.  I have used high key lighting whilst taking these images.

I decided to use a Black and White filter to make these close up images look more peaceful and subtle.My images look soft and gentle and this is what I wanted to achieve, I wanted to show the delicate side to a man’s face as opposed a more rough side.  Having these images in Black and White allowed there to be a variety of tones and shades shown, from the lightness of his skin to the darkness of his hair. I am pleased with the different textures you can see in these images such as the thin hairs of his eyelashes to the thickness of his hair.  These photographs I have taken are quite thought-provoking, I feel like people can connote their own meanings.  


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